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ITD Trailers is an industry leading commercial trailer manufacturer and technology business. Their company’s strength lies in their rich history of innovative product development, the diversity and passion of their talented team, and deep-rooted commitment to the success of their customers and the communities they serve. Their strategic investments in smart and electric trailer technology will help to power their customers shift to a cleaner more sustainable future.

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ITD Trailers Chassis

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ITD Chassis

Corrosion resistant. Premium steel construction. Performance Grade.

All of ITD container chassis offer advanced corrosion protection as a standard feature and are constructed with the highest grade materials to extend chassis ride-life. We offer multiple sizes, designs and configurations to best fit your intermodal needs, all manufactured right here in North America.

Every ITD chassis is built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where our team of professionals utilize industry leading automation to prep, fabricate and assemble chassis materials at scale.

All ITD chassis are hot-dip galvanized offering advanced corrosion protection, extending the usable life of your fleet assets. In addition, the interior design structure of our chassis’ make them among the lightest and strongest in the industry.

ITD Trailers wide-range of chassis meet the ever-changing demands of operating an intermodal transportation fleet. From standard fixed designs to extendable designs, their range of models offer operators with the flexibility needed to succeed.

Fixed Chassis

ITD’s range of Fixed Chassis meet a variety of transportation use-cases, container combinations and weights. Our vehicles are designed for the carriage of containers with lengths varying from 40′ to 53.’

40 ft. Fixed Chassis

Our 40′ Fixed Chassis offers a robust design for common container transport logistics. Our fully galvanized chassis and hi-strength steel design extend the life of our chassis further than the competition making our models among the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

  • Overall Length: 40′ 6″
  • Width: 102″
  • Height: 48″
  • Capacity: 75,177 lbs
  • Tare Weight: 7,600 lbs
40' Fixed ITD Chassis

53 ft. Fixed Chassis

Our 53′ fixed container chassis is our longest chassis and can be utilized to carry more than 60,000 payloads.

  • Overall Length: 53′ 6″
  • Height: 48″
  • Tare Weight: 9,900 lbs
ITD Trailers 53 ft. Fixed Chassis

Extendable Chassis

ITD’s range of Extendable Chassis meet a variety of transportation use-cases, container combinations and weights. Our vehicles are designed to extend for the carriage of containers with lengths varying from 20’ to 53.’

20-40-45 ft Tridem Spread Axle Chassis

This durable chassis fits a 40′ or 20′ container. Also available in Tandem 72″

  • Length: 31’3″-45’6″
  • Width: 102″
  • Height: 48″
  • Capacity: 84,878 lbs
  • Tare Weight: 10,100 lbs
ITD 20-40-45 ft Tridem Spread Axle Chassis

40-53 ft Chassis

Rugged and versatile, this chassis carries a 40′ or 45′ or 53′ container. Also available in Tandem 72″ and Tridem 72″

  • Length: 40’6″-53’6″
  • Width: 102″
  • Height: 48″
  • Capacity: 84,878 lbs
  • Tare Weight: 10,540 lbs
ITD 40-53 ft Chassis


Streamlined. Versatile. High-strength Design.

Your business demands a flexible, reliable and lightweight fleet of dry vans to suit your unique operational needs. ITD dry vans’ fully customizable roster meet and exceed industry standards in weight, serviceability and durability.  Every ITD dry van is built with premium grade materials from industry leading suppliers, extending service life and reducing your total cost of ownership. Our vans are designed built to withstand the harshest of elements and wear from loading and hauling freight.

Light Weight: ITD dry vans are strong but flexible composite wall panels are among the lightest in the industry.

Precision Built: All of ITD van walls and floors are precision manufactured using robotic automation allowing us to offer an uncompromising lineup of dry vans.

Performance Grade: ITD dry vans use performance grade components and galvanized parts will extend the shelf life of your dry van fleet for years.

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