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Thruway Specialized Trailers - Engineered to Last!

Thruway Specialized customers tell us over and over again that “ThruWay builds the best trailers in the industry”. Don’t take our word for it. Just ask our countless satisfied customers why they prefer to buy ThruWay trailers over any other brand.

ThruWay Specialized Trailers has built up a solid reputation over a period of 40 years for the legendary longevity of its trailers; consistent superior quality, and on-time delivery.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement are built into their DNA: ThruWay was the first company in North America to design and manufacture multi-axle Deep Coil Well trailers to haul large coils; first to engineer and deliver 165 feet long Wind Turbine Blade Trailers; and instrumental in introducing European electronic-over-hydraulic technology to automatically steer axles.

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Engineered to Last!

Thruway Trailers We Sell

Commercial Trailers: Flatbeds

Commercial Trailers: B-Trains

Commercial Trailers: Drop Decks

Extendable Trailers: Flatbed

Refuse Transfer Trailers

Wind Energy: Blade Trailers

Wind Energy: Schnabel


  • Engineered to Last
  • Trailer frame made from Strenx 100XF Performance steel. Superior to ordinary T1 steel
  • I-Beams 100% welded inside & out
  • Cross Z-Bracing full length of trailer
  • 4” Mini cross beams @ 12” centers
  • Camber built in to one-piece
  • Whole trailer Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Several layers of zinc-iron alloys bonded to parent steel
  • Authentic Apitong ship-lap flooring
  • Weather proof Blue Seal Wiring System. All LED lights. Best in class warranty
  • Meritor-Wabco ABS system by Sealco
  • ThruWay’s Superior Brake Timing Sequence


  • Your assurance of Strength & Longevity
  • Best in class strength to weight ratio
  • Superior load bearing capacity
  • Minimal deflection. Retains camber
  • Provides superior torsional strength
  • Prevents premature fatigue failure
  • Most effective way to resist corrosion from rust
  • Beats painted trailers hands down
  • Superior strength; defence against load abuse
  • Protects against inclement weather
  • No corrosion. No shorting
  • Maximum Safety and Reliability
  • Prevents premature brake wear
  • Even wear all brake linings

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