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BUILD YOUR LEGACY WITH A BETTER TRAILER.  MAC Trailer is the national leader in specialized trailers, parts and services. With 11 plant locations and more than 1.8 million square feet of manufacturing space, MAC Trailer has what it takes to make a trailer that fits your needs. We specialize in MAC Dump trailers and Pneumatic Tanks.

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Innovation and durability, these dump trailers can haul any load.

 Available in Quad, Triable, and Tridem Configurations

MVP Dump Trailer

Lightweight and strong, for ultimate performance, the square end MVP Dump Trailer will turn heads, no matter the size of the haul. And when the inevitable dents come, they will be well-hidden behind a second side panel.

The side wall panels are 15.5” wide by 1.5” deep, 5 void extruded aluminum hollow core panels that are fully welded top to bottom on the interior wall of the trailer to help prevent material lodging into the joint and to provide added side wall strength. The fully polished, weldless exterior offers a mirror finish for company branding and ease of cleaning. For severe and heavy haul applications, 15.5” wide by 2.25” deep panels are also available. A hollow designed extruded 6061 T6 aluminum bottom rail houses the lights and wiring for protection from the weather and
road elements.


Mac Trailers Aluminum MVP Smoothside

Sheet & Post Dump Trailer

Increase your payload and profits with MAC Trailer’s Sheet & Post Dump Trailers. This square-end dump staple has strength and durability you need to get the job done.

Side Wall Construction

Side Wall Sheet – .175 thickness, 5454 H34 aluminum – for the more aggressive applications a .250 aluminum side is optional.

Top Rail – 6061 T6 extruded aluminum rail with a 7” face. The design incorporates a channel to hold the top side of the wall sheet which, is welded in place. Protective top rail boards, angles or house tops are available.

Uprights – 8” wide with 4” face – 5454 H32 aluminum plate – approximate 30” spacing – subject to the application, uprights can have closed spacing for added side wall strength.

Bottom Rail – a hollow designed extruded 6061 T6 aluminum bottom rail houses the lights and wiring for protection from the weather and road elements.

Side Lights – 3 LED lights per side.


MAC Trailers Sheet & Post Dump Trailer

Half Round Dump Trailer

The MACsimizer Half Round Dump trailer is a lightweight, durable trailer for your everyday haul. This innovative design helps maximize weight capacity.

The advanced design makes this trailer ideal for those who need to maximize their weight capacity while maintaining dependability. Sidewall – .190” or .250”

Side Heights – 56” – 60” – 64” – 68”

Liners – 60” – 69” – 120” or full width liners

Radius Bulkhead – Low profile front end with a lower center of gravity providing a 7” lower front end and a 6” lower back end with 31” less flat space on the bulkhead compared to a standard flat bulkhead.

Better operational profit leads to increased fuel mileage – Smooth side walls create less drag resistance. Better fuel economy = Better Operational Profit

Weight – As low as 8900 lbs., less liner and tarp. Depending on options applied.

Stability – Loads stay centered in the belly while dumping due to the round design.

Six Piece Design – Each side wall section overlaps the floor panel for maximum strength.


MAC Trailers Aluminum Half Round Dump Trailer

Bottom Dump Trailer

The newest member of the MAC Trailer series of dump trailers is the MAC Bullet™ Bottom Dump. This latest offering brings versatility to the lineup while still maintaining MAC tested quality and structural integrity. This patented aerodynamic design will shoot past your expectations of optimizing payload and reducing maintenance.

Best for:  
Coal, sugar, beets, or lightweight aggregate
Load Capacity:
24 cubic yards

MAC Trailers Aluminum Bottom Dump Trailer

Steel Dump Trailer

MAC Trailer’s Steel Dump Trailer combines the features you know and love with the strength of steel. It handles the most extreme hauls with ease. With several models offered, durability and longevity are maximized.

Improved aerodynamics with our new radius style bulkhead = Increased fuel savings. Now standard on all MAC steel dumps.

Also offering a 102” wide option for a 100 cubic yard maximum capacity.

Available in the MAC Steel Lite package with the following aluminum options: sub-frame, frame, draft arms, tailgate, dollies, fenders, and wheels = Over 1,000 lbs in weight savings.

All MAC steel dump trailers are built with 3/16” or 1/4” AR450 material.

Body styles – the half round design for the greatest impact resistance and the 22” radius body with a flat floor to maximize cubic yardage capacity.

Available in frame type or frameless.

The air assist high lift gate option is also available. The cylinders and lift assembly are enclosed in the  rear pockets for protection against loading and external exposure.

Best for:  
Scrap metal, refuse
Load Capacity:
100 cubic yards